The Nepalese Academy of Management (NAM) is a leading professional association for scholars and professionals dedicated to create and disseminate knowledge related to all disciplines required for managing organizations. Members of the academy are scholars at colleges, universities and research institutions, as well as practitioners with scholarly interests from business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. The Academy of Management frequently organizes international conference, workshops, doctoral consortium, and faculty development programs for the benefit of its members and wider communities. 

Theme of the Conference-2017

Theme of the Conference- 2017
Knowledge Transfer and Transformation: Global and Local Business for Competitiveness and Social Justice

March 27-29, 2017

Conference Chair

Prof. Dev Raj Adhikari, Tribhuvan University, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Founding President of NAM and President elect of IFEAMA

Prof. Dr. Batsukh Davaasuren, President of IFEAMA, Chair of Academic Affairs of Busienss School, National University Mongolia. 

Key note Speakers

Prof. Jay Barney: Presidential Professor of Strategic Management and Pierre Lassonde Chair of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah, USA.

Prof. Will Mitchell: John deButts Professr at Duke University  and the Anthony S. Fell Chair at the University of Toronto, Canada

Prof. Garry D. Bruton, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University, USA

Prof. Sharma, C. Satish, Chairman & Managing Director at Maharaja Group of Colleges, Udayapur, India

Hiroshi Hoshino, Professor of International Business and Global Logistics at Graduate School of Economics and the Yunus & Shiiki Social Business Research Center at Kyushu University, Japan. 

The Nepalese Academy of Management (NAM)

Nepalese Academy of Management (NAM) is an independent, not for profit Association of Academicians and Professionals, established to create and disseminate knowledge required for managing organizations regionally as well as globally. The Academy organizes international conference biennially with international/national university/business school collaboration aiming to bring together Academics and Practitioners from diverse backgrounds and initiates to meet, discuss and debate issues that will affect the future direction of research and practice. Following its traditions, NAM of Kathmandu and IFEAMA of Tokyo are pleased to announce the International Conference jointly on, “Knowledge Transfer and Transformation: Global and Local Business for Competitiveness and Social Justice” on March 27-29, 2017 at Kathmandu, Nepal.

The NAM’s 1st international conference (2011 March 10-12) themed on “ Changing  Perspectives on Management: Revisit the Existing and Explore the Novel Ideas”  attracted almost 200 participants from 33 countries with 61 research papers, three workshops, three plenary sessions, and 16 technical sessions. The 2nd international conference (2013 March 10-12) on “Reshaping Organizations to Develop Responsible Global Leadership’ had 300 participants, 101 research papers from 30 countries. The conference is characterized by a strong developmental focus, providing participants with a supportive and collegial platform to discuss and develop ideas, and helping authors enhance their papers for publication. The 3rd international conference (2015 March 27-29) themed on “Transforming Management System for Innovation, Development and Governance” had 350 delegates from around the globe and presented 124 research papers of diverse range. It provides platform to interact and build network with academic scholars, business practitioners and peers from around the world and helps to publish works in leading international journals. All these conference were held in a five star hotel located in the Heart of Kathmandu city.  

For this 4th and 14th International conference of NAM and IFEAMA, we invite faculties, research scholars, professionals, doctoral students as well as business practitioners to submit papers and panels addressing all areas of management, development, and economics relating to the theme. The theme of the conference opens an interesting and fruitful dialogue on all the issues of management, economics, development and social sciences and stimulates a sustainable view of competitiveness in our institutions. In order to accept the dynamics of changes in developed and developing countries, it is the right time to address the management system transformation innovating novel ideas by developing corporate culture to nurture the competencies and good governance for sustainable development. Such innovative and integrated approach often need transformation on system with combination of technology, social, cultural, and organizational efforts. Thus, it aims to stimulate scholars to question existing paradigms and accepted practices and bridges the gaps in knowledge transformation for competitiveness and social justice.

International Federation of East Asian Management Association (IFEAMA)

International Federation of East Asian Management Association (IFEAMA) aims to promote the research and the application of business administration in East Asian and to contribute to industrial development to advance the management practices. Some of the active members of this federation are: Japan Scholarly Association for Asian Management (JSAAM), China Academy of Management Science (CAMS), China National Economic Management Association (CNEMA), China Management Science Society (CMSS), State University of Management (Russia), Hanyang University (South Korea), National Economics University (Vietnam), National University of Mongolia, and Nepalese Academy of Management. It has already organized 13th international conferences: 1st at Senshu University, Tokyo (1993), 2nd in China (1995), 3rd in Moscow (1996), 4th at Vietnam National University (1998), 5th in Seoul (2000), 6th in China (2002), 7th at Rikko University, Tokyo (2004), 8th  in China (2006), 9th in Moscow (2008), 10th in Seoul of South Korea (2010), 11th at Hohai Business School, China (2012), 12th at National Economics University, Vietnam (2014), and 13th in National University of Mongolia (2015). For 14th International Conference, it has decided to host jointly with Nepalese Academy of Management at Kathmandu, Nepal in March 27-29, 2017.    

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