The Nepalese Academy of Management (NAM) is a leading professional association for scholars and professionals dedicated to create and disseminate knowledge related to all disciplines required for managing organizations. Members of the academy are scholars at colleges, universities and research institutions, as well as practitioners with scholarly interests from business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. The Academy of Management frequently organizes international conference, workshops, doctoral consortium, and faculty development programs for the benefit of its members and wider communities. 

Organizing committtee and Parter

Conference Organizing Committee

                    i.            Batsukh DAVAASUREN (National University of MONGOLIA, Mongolia)

                  ii.            CHEN Zhicheng (The People's Republic of China)

                iii.            Dev Raj Adhikari (President- NAM; President Elect- IFEAMA; Dean- FOM, Tribhuwan University)

                iv.            Dhruba Kumar Gautam (Founding Secretary- Nepalese Academy of Management)

                  v.            Gennady L. AZOEV (State University of Management, Russia)

                vi.            HAYASHI Takabumi (Kokushikan University, Japan)

              vii.            ICHIDA Yozi (Nihon University, Japan)

            viii.            Ichiro MITSUI (Vice president, Tohren, Japan)

                ix.            Katsuhiko HIRASAWA (Nihon University, Japan)

                  x.            KIM Karp-Soo (KAIST, The Republic of Korea)

                xi.            KOSAKA Takahide (Nihon University, Japan) 

              xii.            KOZBANENKO Victor A. (State University of Management, Russia)

            xiii.            Kunihiko MOCHIZUKI (Vice president, Tohren, Japan)

            xiv.            Manoj Kumar Chaudhari ( Nepalese Academy of Management)

              xv.            Prativa Sharma ( Nepalese Academy of Management)

            xvi.            Rajendra Dulal (Islington College)

          xvii.            Ravi Phuyal ( Managing Director, Islington College)

        xviii.            RYU Tae-Soo (Hanyang University, The Republic of Korea)

            xix.            SU Dongshui (The People's Republic of China)

              xx.            Sulav Budhathoki ( Chairman and CEO, Islington College)

            xxi.            SUN Qianzheng (The People's Republic of China)

          xxii.            Takabumi HAYASHI (Japan)

        xxiii.            Takao NUKI (President of Tohren, Japan

        xxiv.            Tasuki NOGUCHI (Keio University Professor Emeritus, Japan) 

          xxv.            Tran Kim HAO (Central Institute for Economic Management, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam)

        xxvi.            Tran Thi VAN HOA (The National Economics University, The Socialist    Republic of Vietnam)

      xxvii.            Yasuyoshi KUROKAWA

    xxviii.            Yu Jin (China)

        xxix.            Yutaka TAKAKUBO ( Nihon University, Japan)

Organizing Institute

1.  International Federation of East Asian Management Associations (IFEAMA).  

2.  Nepalese Academy of Management.  

Partner Institute

Islington College, Kathmandu (London Metropolitan University Affiliate)              


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