The Nepalese Academy of Management (NAM) is a leading professional association for scholars and professionals dedicated to create and disseminate knowledge related to all disciplines required for managing organizations. Members of the academy are scholars at colleges, universities and research institutions, as well as practitioners with scholarly interests from business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. The Academy of Management frequently organizes international conference, workshops, doctoral consortium, and faculty development programs for the benefit of its members and wider communities. 

Area for Papers

Conference Tracks included but not limited to:
  • HRM and Cross Cultural Study: Strategic HRM/ Strategic International HRM/ Cross- Cultural Management of HR/ Human Resource Development/ HRM-Performance Linkage/ Talent Management/ Quality of Work Life/ Labour Productivity/ Labour Relations/ Unionism/ Reward and Performance/ Multi Cultural Work Teams/ Careers/ Cross-national Diversity/ Employment system/; Expatriates/ Foreign assignment/; Global mindsets/ Global leader competencies/ HRM strategies and practices across countries/ Intra-national Diversity/ Multicultural work teams/ War for talent.
  •  MNCs and International Business: Adaptation to local contexts/ Entry strategy/ Global networks of operations/ Institutional perspectives on FDI/ Interactions between foreign-owned and indigenous firms/ Internalization theory/ Internationalization processes/ Local linkages; FDI; strategy/ MNE theory/ MNEs and local economic development/ Global-Multi-domestic- International-Transnational Strategies/ International joint ventures and alliances/ Social capital/ Parent-subsidiary relationships/Transnational-Meta-national-Geographic Location/ Regional- Local embeddedness/Power- Influence/ Competitive advantage- disadvantages of MNCs/ Competition and Performance management.
  • Organizational Leadership and Change: Public Relation Management/ Organizational Change and Development/ Challenges of Organizations/ Organizational and Individual Behaviour/ Logistics management/ Tourism Management/ Leadership/ Changing Business Environments/ Organization and Information Technology/ Corporate Performance/ Group and work Teams/ Virtual Organizations/ Decision Making/ Competitiveness/ Organization-Configuratio-Structure Systems/ Culture/ Network/; Teams/ Autonomy- Control/ Coordination/ R&D- Innovation/ Learning/ Capability/ Evolution/ Communication/ Strategic Management/ Global Strategy/ Competitiveness of Firms/ Competitive Advantages/ Proactive and Risk Bearing Behaviour/
  • SMEs, and Entrepreneurship: National-International SME/new ventures-incubation/ Global start-ups/International entrepreneurship/Early internationalization/ Rapid internationalization; strategy for SMEs; Exporting-Importing by SMEs/ SMEs versus large MNEs/ Globalization and SMEs/ Advanced technologies and SMEs/ Economic geography and location for SMEs/ value chain organization and configuration/ Offshoring- Outsourcing/ National and regional innovation systems. Young and Women Entrepreneurship/ Family Business.
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management: Innovation/ Organizational Learning/ Exploration vs. Exploitation/ Knowledge Strategies/ Global and Local Knowledge/ Knowledge Seeking- Search- Access- Creation- Acquisition- Sharing- Exchange-, Transfer/ Governance Mechanism/ Knowledge Productivity and Spillovers/ Intra-firm and inter-firm networks for innovation/ MNCs and global innovation- regional innovation systems/ Internationalization of R&D/ Learning across borders/ Learning alliances/ Reverse knowledge transfer.
  • Economics, Finance and Accounts: Bailout/ Capital market developmen/ Capital structure/ Comparative accounting systems and practice/ Cost of capital/ Ownership structure/ Corporate performance/ Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)/ Cross-border M&As/ Institutional investors/ Current account adjustment/ Econometrics/ Economic theor/; Exchange rate exposure/ Exporting-Importing/ International macroeconomics/ Financial risk management/ Fiscal policy/ Foreign portfolio investment/ Game theory/ Government intervention/ International accounting-asset pricing-cross-listin/ International economics-finance and taxation/ financial integration-reporting/ Economic development/ International investment-migration-trade flows/ Mergers and acquisitions/ Monetary policy/Policy coordination/ Quantitative research methods/ Short-term capital movements/Trade environment/ Transfer pricing/ WTO.
  • Marketing Management:Market orientation/ Branding/ Advertisement/ New product development/ Global logistics/ Cross-border marketing activities/ Multinational marketing operations/ Operations management/ Buyer behavior/ Buyer-Supplier relations/ distribution and supply chain management/ service marketing/ pricing strategies/ integrated marketing communication/ national-international retailing/ green marketing/ quality and ethical sourcing/ customer relation management.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Business Partnership/ Business and Legislations/ Accountability and Transparency/ Corporate Governance/ Business and environment/ Business-government interaction/ Corporate political strategy/ Civil society/ International legal domain/ Triple bottom line/ Environment and strategy/ Green management/ White collar-crime/ Corporate corruption/ Corporate values/ Bottom of the pyramid/ Ethics and codes of conduct.
  Panel for Doing Business
  • Doing Business in Hydro-power
  • Doing Business in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Doing Business in Higher Education
  • Business in Computer and Information Technology
  • Doing Business in Herbs and Natural Resources

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